Promoting Communication Strategies Observation System (PC-Obs)

PC-Obs is used to measure the fidelity with which caregivers implement the Promoting Communication Strategies. There are two digital components to PC-Obs: an app for mobile devices to collect data, and a web dashboard database to set up projects and view data. Contact us to hear more about utilizing PC-Obs for your organization.

Read and download the PC-Obs Manual, PC-Obs Overview, and PC-Obs Graph Interpretation to learn more. 


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PC-Obs uses a secure, University of Kansas server to store data. However, to further protect personally identifiable data, we recommend using Caregiver and Child ID numbers, rather than names.

PC-Obs Certification

After attending a PC-Obs Certification Training, use the videos below to become certified. For more information about the certification process, click here.

PC-Obs Certification Scoring Videos

Practice coding with Video 1, then use Videos 2-5 to become certified.